With GivingFire’s donation envelopes, donors can set up one-time or recurring gifts to your non-profit without ever using a computer.


Available at no charge to our clients, our generic giving envelopes allow donors to give cash/check donations in person along with their donor information for easy follow-up and tax statements. What’s more, donors can use the envelopes to set up a recurring ACH donation without using GivingFire’s online donation form. Donors can drop a voided check into the envelope, indicate the amount and frequency, and submit it to your organization for an administrator to enter into GivingFire. Once entered, the recurring gift acts the same as any online gift and can be controlled by both the administrator and donor.


In addition to our generic giving envelopes, GivingFire’s team of in-house designers can create a custom envelope set for your non-profit. Whether you’d simply like your logo and branding on the envelope, or custom pre-stamped mailing envelopes with a return address for a fundraising campaign, GivingFire can design and deliver directly to you. No matter your needs, our design services are completely free of charge - you only pay for the envelopes and fulfillment.

Instead of the usual check donation, donors void a check and drop it in one of our special recurring envelopes via the manual entry page. Your administrators enter it into GivingFire, and it automatically deposits each donation in your church’s bank, based on the schedule requested by the donor. That’s it!

Our recurring envelopes are a great way for donors - particularly older, less tech-savvy donors - to get set up with the same recurring donations that power the rest of your organization’s budget. We’ve seen these envelopes bring much-needed stability and income to our churches and non-profits, and we’d love to make sure they work for you too.

Ready to place an order? Contact us by emailing Support@GivingFire.com or call (855) 610-3473 and we’ll get you set up!