1) Go to New Manual Donation in the top menu

Click Donations > New Manual Donation 

2) Enter your Manual Credit Card or ACH Donations 

Enter in your donations using the form. This is similar to the online giving page that donors see, but is for Admins only. 

Here’s an explanation of the data you’ll need to enter:

  • Type: One-Time or Recurring. If recurring, enter the frequency based on the remittance sent by the donor. This is usually on the giving envelope
  • Method: This is either Credit Card or ACH
  • Fund: Which fund to place the donation into.
  • Amount: Amount of the transaction. The “$” is not needed. 
  • Contact Information: Enter the donors name & contact information, including their email. Double check for accuracy as this will be automatically tied to their existing donor record if they have one. 

3) Hit Donate

Upon completing the entry, the donor will receive an email receipt and the record will be stored to their donor profile and saved for creating future statements and reports.

If they do not have an account, they can later see all of their giving by either clicking the link in the emailed receipt or logging in using the same email address that was indicated on the submission.