Once pledges are enabled for any year, administrators are able to enter in offline pledge entries on behalf of donors, if for example you've collected pledges from your donors already and you don't want your donors to have to go in and enter in their pledge again themselves. 

1) Go to the Offline Pledge Entry

To create an offline pledge entry, go to Reports > Pledges and choose 'Offline Pledge Entry' .

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2) Enter in your Offline Donations

Enter in your offline donations using the form with three columns. When you first load the screen, the form only has enough space for one donation, but you can add more by clicking the 'Add Pledge' button. This form is built for quick pledge entry, and multiple lines can be entered by pressing Tab after each form. Pressing Tab at the end of the Amount field will automatically add a new line. 

Here’s an explanation of the data you’ll need to enter:

  • Year: This is the year you're entering in pledges for. If you don't see the current year, make sure pledging is turned on for that year. You do have to allow pledging for each year for that year to appear in the drop-down menu.
  • Name: Start entering the donor’s name, and donors already in the system will appear below for you to select. If a donor is not explicitly selected, a new donor record will be created.
  • Amount: This is the pledge amount the donor has specified for that year. 

After you're done, press Submit Pledges to enter the pledges into the system, and you're all set! If you created new donors, you may want to go into the Donor List and update their addresses and emails, if available.

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Note that choosing 'Reset Form' will clear ALL fields, no matter how many pledges you have entered so far. Only use this button if you wish to start over completely.

For special use cases and accomplishing continuity across other software solutions, pledges can also be entered and managed via our API.