By default, text-to-give donations are automatically made to an organization's default fund - the first fund in the list on the donation page and in the fund list in the administrator dashboard. However, organizations can optionally allow donors to give to specific fund designation with the use of fund text codes. When activated, donors can create donations to specific funds by texting "GIVE (fund) (amount)". 

Creating a Fund Text Code

In order to create a text code for a fund, go to Settings > Funds and click on the 'Edit' icon for the fund. You can also create text codes for new funds as well.

save image

In the new/edit page, type in the code you would like to use for your fund. Codes must be one word with alphabetic characters only (no numbers, special characters, or spaces.)

save image

When you're done, remember to click 'Update Fund' to save your changes.

And you're done! In this example, in order to give $10 to the General Fund, the donor would text "GIVE GENERAL 10". Consider using fund text codes for specific fundraising campaigns outside of your normal text-to-give ongoing fundraising. Need help thinking through the best implementation of fund text codes? Contact your account manager today or reach out at and we'd love to help.