If you're distributing your statements through GivingFire, we'll track the delivery status of each statement in a delivery report. To view the delivery report for an approved statement set, go to Reports > Giving Statements, find the statement on the Statement List, and press Delivery Report.

The delivery report shows an in-depth breakdown of the statements and how they were delivered. GivingFire will keep track of statements, including mailed statements, in real-time and will update this report as each statement is delivered. 

Downloading a CSV delivery report

In the upper-right corner of the delivery report, you can click "Download as CSV" to receive a copy of the report for Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications. We include mailing and email addresses in this report, so it's a handy way to get a filtered list of rejected statements and manually follow-up with donors.


Above the report, you'll see multi-colored labels showing the amount of statements in delivery, rejected, and so on. You can click these labels to view a list of each status for easy review.


In addition to passively viewing delivery status, you can also take a few actions on a statement-by-statement basis. You can click "PDF" to download a copy of that donor's statement. In the case of a rejected statement, you can Resend (useful in case of email soft bounces, like an inbox without enough storage space) or Give Up, which will permanently mark the statement as failed and download only.