When a statement set is generated, it is not distributed to your donors immediately. Instead, statement sets are set as Pending Approval and await review and approval by your organization staff. Please take time to carefully review statements for both donation accuracy (all the donations that should be there, are there) and donor accuracy (mailing and email addresses are accurate, records are correctly attributed.)

Important note: your organization is solely responsible for the content and accuracy of any generated statements. Please carefully review all statements before distribution - once sent, you cannot recall statements and will need to issue an amended statement if you need to fix an incorrect statement.

From the Statement List, you can view Details on the statement set and their contents, as well as Download a ZIP of PDFs or a CSV including donations and addresses. You may also Reject, which immediately deletes the pending statement set out of GivingFire, and Approve, which opens a modal window where you can select distribution options.

Approve Step 1: Select Distribution Method

You have three distribution options from within GivingFire - Email, Mail, and Download Only.

  1. Email - This will email statements as a PDF attachment directly to donors using their primary email address on file. 
  2. Mail - GivingFire will print and mail statements directly to donors using their mailing address. This option costs $0.99 per envelope, which includes postage, as well as $0.25 per additional page per envelope if required. Statements will be printed in black and white.
  3. Download Only - GivingFire will not email or mail statements, but will still allow donors to download the statement inside their donor dashboard. If this is a year-end statement, your organization will still need to distribute the statement to donors outside of GivingFire in compliance with IRS requirements.

Approve Step 2: Alternate Distribution

If you're distributing statements by mail or email, you can choose to send donors without an address the alternate delivery option, or choose to make those statements download-only. 

Approve Step 3: Confirmation

Finally, you'll be shown a summary screen. Review your distribution method and when ready, enter your password to confirm. Once you click "Approve", your statement set will be distributed immediately and a delivery report page will be created where you can monitor the ongoing delivery of your statements.