Donor Tags are optional reporting flags that separate donors (and their donations) into custom categories for your organization. Admins are free to create and apply whatever tags make sense for their unique context. Some examples of useful tags might be used to identify roles (Member, Pastor, Business, Trust, etc), point of origin (2015 Winter Campaign), typical donation (Year-end Gift, Missionary Donor), communication type (Email, Phone, Follow-up in 2017), and so on. It's up to you! Once tags are set, you can run donor and donation reports by specific tags.

Donors can't see the tags that are applied to them. Tags are only visible to admins, and aren't shared across different organizations. 


Creating Tags

To apply a tag to a donor, go to that person's Donor Detail page. Underneath the "Donor Stats/Info" tab, you'll see the Tags block. Click the input box, type out the tag and press Enter. Any tags that have already been added to another donor will show up in the autocomplete dropdown as you're typing. You can select those tags by using the Arrow Keys to select the tag, then press Enter. Alternately, you can select the tag by clicking it with your mouse. Once you're done entering in tags, press Save to save the tags.

GivingFire account managers can also bulk import tags for your donors through an Excel/CSV import file. Contact your account manager or open a support ticket if you'd like to learn more.

Deleting Tags

To delete a tag, press the X in the upper left corner of that tag. Once you're done deleting tags, press Save to save the tags.

Reporting with Tags

There are two primary ways to create reports based off of tags. First, you can create donor reports based on saved tags. See the HelpDesk article titled "Donor Search & Filtering" for more information on those reports. Additionally, you can create donation/transaction reports based on tags. In the Transaction List, selecting donor tags will show all donations made by donors who have that tag. For example, selecting the beginning of the year as the created date and tag "Campus: Ballard" will show all donations given by campus members since the beginning of the year.