To designate a fund that is not tax deductible or a "non-deductible" fund (examples might include event tickets or books for a class), simply follow the same steps as creating a new fund; however, prior creating the fund check the box "non-deductible". The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the Fund page in your Admin Dashboard under Settings > Funds
  2. Press the green button labeled "New Fund".
  3. Type in the name, set as Active or Inactive. 
  4. If the fund is not tax deductible, then check the box for "non-deductible".
  5. Indicate whether the fund is "Admin Only" or not. (Hint: most likely not.) 
  6. Press "Create Fund"

You may also edit any fund after creating it to designate it as "non-deductible" by hitting the edit button on the far right.

Indicating whether or not a fund is tax deductible will determine whether is shows up on your donors' year end tax statements.

Disclaimer: GivingFire is not a tax advisory service. Please consult a licensed tax professional about what funds qualify and do not qualify as tax deductible. You may also visit the IRS website for further guidance:


Here is the button you push in the fund list to edit a pre-existing fund.