Admin only funds are those funds that are created for the purpose of recording specific donations that may not be displayed on your organization's outside giving page.

This might apply to a scenario where there is a specific fundraising campaign (e.g. Short Term Emergency Relief) or an out-of-the-ordinary fund type (e.g. Large Gifts) that the organization may not want as an option on their online giving page, but still need to record or process the transaction in the back end for the purpose of reporting or filtering on that fund and ensuring that the donor has a accurate giving transaction record, as it applies to that specific fund.

To create an Admin Only fund, follow the same steps as creating a new fund; however, prior creating the fund check the box "admin only". The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the Fund page in your Admin Dashboard under Settings > Funds
  2. Press the green button labeled "New Fund".
  3. Type in the name, set as Active or Inactive. 
  4. If the fund not tax deductible, then check the box for "non-deductible".
  5. Check the box for "Admin Only" and press "Create Fund".


Here you can see the fund has been created and set to "Active", but is not available for donors to select on the outside giving page.




Here you can see where the fund IS available for the ADMIN when inputing checks or cash transaction when creating an offline batch


Here you see where the fund is available when inputing a manual Credit Card or ACH (eCheck) transaction. 


This feature will enable you to accurately record cash or check only transactions or transactions that you do not wish to display on your donor facing pages, but must record for tax and reporting purposes.