Setting up Text-to-Give is a quick and easy process for your organization. To set up Text-to-Give, and administrator will need to go to Settings > Organization, then scroll down to select "Text-to-Give Donations."

Choose a phone number

Click the "Choose Phone Number" button to open the phone number modal window. Keep in mind - once you select a number, it's permanently attached to your account. You can search for a specific area code, search for a custom vanity number by entering numbers or letters into the "Contains" field, or both. We'll pull a list of available phone numbers for you to choose from. Keep in mind - there's a limited amount of phone numbers to choose from, so you may not get the exact area code or vanity number you want. Once you have a selected number, click "Submit" and "Confirm" to continue.

Once you've chosen a number, you're ready to go. Test out your number by texting SUPPORT to the new number, and then distribute the number to your donors along with giving instructions.

Need additional setup help?

If you need additional help setting up or deploying Text-to-Give to your organization, GivingFire's Account Managers are here to help. Contact us at and we'd be more than happy to create custom materials for your donors or assist your administrators with setup.