Quick Transaction Stats are shown on the Transactions List page when filters have been applied to the transaction list. Transaction stats show settled & pending transaction totals (although refunds can also be counted - see below.) In other words, transaction stats show the donations you're actually receiving. 


The first box shows the total donation amount and count for the filtered transactions.

Settled vs. Pending

The second box shows the total donation amounts and counts for settled and pending transactions. If this filter includes refunds, a note will appear in this box indicated the amount/count of total refunds, and how much the grand total is adjusted by.

One-time vs. Recurring

The third box shows the total donation amounts and counts for one-time and recurring transactions inside the filter, with a quick chart to show the proportional breakdown between the two. 

Other notes:

  • Transaction stats do not include declined, errored, or returned donations. Because GivingFire will retry declined recurring donations while contacting the donor to repair, this could result in misleading stats if those results were included. For example: Bob has a $100/month recurring donation, which fails due to insufficient funds. Upon failure, GivingFire automatically reaches out to Bob, notifies him of the issue, and provides instructions on how to fix the donation. GivingFire retries the donation three more times over the next week, contacting Bob each time, and then Bob switches to a new bank account and the donation successfully resumes. In this case, the stats might suggest that $400 in donations was "lost" due to declines - in reality, the donation was repaired and no donation income was lost for the organization.
  • Transaction stats include donor-covered fees, if your organization uses them. Note that the dashboard stats do not, and may result in slightly different numbers. The dashboard is meant to be a quick snapshot of "what has my organization received and can use", which shouldn't include donor-covered fees as those have been earmarked for fees and not for general use. The transactions stats show exactly what you've received or will receive.
    Additionally, donor-covered fees aren't included in fund-specific reports. Donor-covered fees are calculated on the entire donation amount, and a donation might include multiple fund splits. Instead of trying to calculate fee splits for different funds, GivingFire omits the fees to show just what was given to that specific fund.
  • The dashboard does not show pending offline transactions, but the transaction stats might if you are filtering by created date with pending states. This also might result in slightly different numbers between the dashboard and transaction stats.