Once pledges are enabled for any year, administrators gain access to the two primary pledge reporting methods: the Pledge Report for organization-wide pledge statistics, and donor-specific pledge statistics in the Donor Detail page. 

Pledge Report

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To view the Pledge Report, go to Reports > Pledging

The pledge report shows the overarching statistics for your organization's pledges in a given year - total pledged, how much given towards that pledge, and so on. The pledge report also gives statistics for donors, including total amount of donors who have ever given to your organization, how many donors are active (i.e., have given in the past 6 months), and how many donors have registered accounts and are eligible for a pledge.

The pledge report also includes a list of all pledges made for that year, including Name, Email, Pledge, Amount Given, and Percentage. (Note that donors who have made a pledge but never given to your organization can't be clicked through to the donor detail page.) You may also export the pledge list as a CSV.

Pledge Data on the Donor Detail page

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The donor detail page will also have a new section - pledging data. This is fairly straightforward and has basic individual data on the pledge made for a given year, the total given towards that pledge, and the percentage fulfilled. You can also edit a donor's pledge or enter a pledge on behalf of a donor from the 'edit' function on the donor's page.

Note: For special use cases and accomplishing continuity across other software solutions, pledges can also be entered and managed via our API.