Email Reports (Reports > Email Reports) are an easy way for you and your organization's staff to receive automatic, regular updates on your church without having to login to GivingFire. You can set these up to run either weekly or monthly, and both reports show two main categories of data:

1) Donation Activity

This is the first section - it shows a basic ledger of all incoming successful donations, along with donation frequency, date received (not settled), donor name + email, donation amount, and fund.

2) Recurring overview

The second section shows an overview of recurring donations with actionable steps to follow up with donors as needed. The fields included are:

  • Total recurring: a count of all active recurring donations
  • New recurring: a count of all new recurring donations made this week
  • Stopped/Paused: a count of all stopped recurring donations (whether automatically by the system, or manually by the donor) and paused recurring donations
  • Failed: a count of all failed recurring donations. These are in active recovery mode by the system, often due to a cancelled credit card or overdrawn account.
A detailed list of all new, failed, paused, and stopped accounts is included, if applicable, under the count section.

Email reports can be set up for all funds, or one specific fund, and can be set up to run either weekly or monthly. You can use this to send fund-specific emails to key stakeholders who don't otherwise have access to GivingFire reports. For example, a missionary with their own fund at your church might receive their own fund's weekly or monthly email, which includes names and emails to thank new recurring donors or follow up on stopped donations.

Finally, email reports have the option of including a weekly or monthly reconciliation report CSV. This is the same CSV we recommend in our accounting document Reconciling Your First Month. Note that the CSV report is different in that it orders transactions by settle date, not created date for accurate bank reconciliation. However, it's a much easier way for accountants and bookkeepers to automatically get donation records in their inbox.

Weekly reports are sent out once per week, every Monday morning. They automatically contain records from the preceding Monday through Sunday. Likewise, monthly reports are sent out once per month, on the first of the month. They automatically contain records from the preceding month.