The dashboard is meant to show you a quick visual summary of recent donations. You can select your timeframe: the last year, month, week, or day. Month is selected by default. The total donation amount is shown in the center with increase/decrease amount (compared against this time last month, etc) and total donation count immediately below. Behind this summary is the amount graph - blue is the current time frame, and grey is the preceding time frame. Note that dashboard calculates totals based on offline settled dates and online created dates, which means pending offline transactions won't be included in the dashboard total calculation.

Three pie charts underneath the initial stats show additional stats for the time period - source (online, offline, and kiosk), frequency (one-time gifts vs. recurring), and finally donor type (first-time gifts vs. gifts from donors who have given before.)

Underneath, the ten most recent donations are shown along with links to their donation detail page.