The transaction report (Donations > Transaction List) is GivingFire's primary way of displaying detailed giving data. It shows all transactions made on the site, whether or not the donation was successful, and can be used to view or export data and filter with a number of options. When using filters, quick transaction stats are shown at the top of the page. Here's a brief explanation of all of the different options:

Date Range

Start and End Date allow you to set a specific timeframe for the report. Start date begins at the beginning of the day, and end date ends at the end of the day - so selecting the same day will pull donations made only on that single day.

You can also choose Created Date or Settled Date. Created Date sorts by when the donation was made, and Settled Date sorts by when the donation was cleared in the bank. Settled Date is best for reconciling donations with the bank.

Transaction Types

  • Online & Offline Transactions - This is the default view. This option shows every transaction, regardless of source.
  • Online Transactions - This option shows only online (i.e., Desktop, Mobile, Kiosk, and Manual) transactions processed directly by GivingFire.
  • Offline Transactions - This option shows only offline transactions recorded in GivingFire, but deposited manually at the bank. 
  • Offline Batches - This option shows offline batches (i.e., groups of offline transactions grouped together in a single batch. This is the same as the Donations > Offline Batches page).
  • All Transactions & Batches - This option shows both online transactions, offline batches, and the offline transactions that make up those batches.

Transaction states

  • Default States - This is the default view. This option shows all of the transactions that are commonly used by administrators: settled, pending, and refunded/voided donations. 
  • Reconciliation States - This option prepares the transaction list for bank reconciliation, and includes the states that directly affect your organization's bank account - settled and refunded transactions.
  • All States - This option shows everything in the Default States, as well as Returned/Declined/Error states if applicable.
  • Settled - This option shows donations that have been completed and are deposited in your bank account.
  • Pending - This option shows donations that have been successfully made, but have not yet been deposited in your bank account. Pending transactions will be settled in 1-5 business days, depending on donation method.
  • Refunded - This option shows donations that were successfully made and deposited, but later refunded by an administrator.
  • Voided - This option shows donations that were successfully made, but cancelled by an administrator before it was deposited.
  • Declined - This option shows donations that were declined by the bank (usually for insufficient funds or an expired/frozen account.)
  • Error - This option shows donations that were refused by the bank (usually an incorrect credit card number, CVV, or address.)
  • Returned - This option shows donations that were initially accepted by the bank, but later declined (usually insufficient funds after the initial approval, or an account number that initially looked correct but was ultimately invalid.)


Show one or more funds. You can select more than one fund by holding down CTRL while clicking on multiple options.

Advanced Filters - Donation Type

  • Online Only - Shows only online (desktop/tablet/mobile) donations given through the main donation page.
  • Kiosk Only - Shows only kiosk donations given through the card-present iPad kiosk.

Advanced Filters - Frequency

  • One-time Only - Shows only donations made as a one-time donation.
  • Recurring Only - Shows only automatic donations made as part of a recurring donation.

Advanced Filters - Payment Methods

  • All Payment Types - the default view. Shows all payment types.
  • Credit/Debit - Shows only traditional credit transactions - Visa, MasterCard, etc.
  • ACH - Shows only ACH or online checking transactions.
  • Check - Shows only offline check transactions.
  • Cash - Shows only offline cash transactions.

Finally, you can choose to download your results by CSV for export into a third-party system like Quickbooks, or you can view inline by clicking "Apply Filter".