The recurring transaction report (Reports > Recurring) is built to help you view recurring donations and predict monthly income. Recurring donations are listed in order by date created, from most recent to least recent. You can filter donations created inside a certain date range, and further filter them by state and fund.

Recurring states:

  • Pending - this has been scheduled but not verified by the bank yet. Generally, this is rarely seen as banks usually verify a recurring donation instantly.
  • Scheduled - this is a normal recurring donation. Everything is OK and the donation is expected to run as normal.
  • Stopped - the recurring donation has been stopped by the donor, or as a result of a canceled/expired credit card.
  • Completed - this recurring donation was set to end after a certain amount of time, and has successfully done so.

You can also view a given recurring donation by clicking the "View" button on the far right of the individual recurring donation record.